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About Cheeky Trinkets

Wait, people read this page!??

Our aim is to, well, to be honest - we want to make as much money as possible - but we ALSO want to make sure that we provide you with the best quality charms available in the world.
We *are* a family owned and run organization though, so please… think of our children and buy more stuff!
Cheeky Trinkets is based in Western Sydney.
It is here that we run our very own sweatshop, where only the finest wage slaves individually hand make each pendant to order.
(Okay, okay, not true.... we hand make them ourselves... but we will consider job applications from young children and/or trained monkeys...)

On a more serious note - all pendants and charms sold on this site are designed by our own in-house artists, and we hand make the pendants to order right
here in Sydney - so you're supporting not only local artists, a local web developer, and local wage-slaves craftspeople, but also a small family with a dream of making their mark on the world with their own business!

So if you want the best possible value for money, for the same quality you would get in a retail store, why not give us a try?
ALL our sales are shipped for free using Australia Post.
Let us prove to you that we are the best in the business of amusing charms and trinkets!

- Cheeky Trinkets